• Droxne


    Droxne is a peer-to-peer crytpocurrency gaming platform which uses DRXNE as it's ingame currency.

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  • Droxne


    Is based on Proof of Stake Algorithm. The idea behind Droxne is that gamers use and earn DRXNE by playing games made by Droxne Developers

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  • Revolutionary


    The Droxne platform is based on a platform for using cryptocurrency as rewards for playing games or gamers! Earn rewards for being the ultimate gamer!

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About Droxne

We are A decentralized and open-source cross platform cryptocurrency dedicated to enhancing the gaming experience on the blockchain for all users.

Technical Support

Please visit our Bitcointalk and or Slack channels for any support problems that may arise. Our community members are always there to help with any problems!


Droxne is currently traded on Cryptopia's exchange. The team is hoping to add more exchanges in the very near future. Check in periodically for new updates!


View the open sourced code at the Github link and download the wallet. This Proof of Stake coin offers a 40% return on your Droxne investment.

P2P Transactions

A P2P decentralized network allows you to send money securely to anyone, anywhere, with very minimal fees.


Our current team is composed of several blockhain enthusiasts and professionals dedicated to making Droxne a respectable currency for the entire blockchain community.

Welcome to the Gaming and Gambling Blockchain Platform.

We believe that crytpocurrency and the gaming indusrty combination will be the next ground breaking revolution in our time. We aim to take advantage of this fact while changing the way users view video games.

Grab your popcorn, Hot Pockets, and favorite soft drink and get your game on! Earn rewards while holding Droxne in your wallet when running your node. We welcome new community members with open arms!

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